Still a Long Breath Needed Towards a Democratic Country

The first parliamentary elections in Armenia after the referendum revealed themselves to be well-administered and respectful of fundamental freedoms. But problems such as vote-buying and interference in the process remain


By Rebecca Wagner

Parliamentary Elections in Georgia

A few days ago, the Georgian population elected a portion of the 9th parliament since the country’s independence. In more than 50 single-member districts a second round of elections is scheduled.

By Levan Lortkipanidze

Why the Brexit referendum gives Trump fresh hope

Hillary Clinton should be warned by the British referendum: Similar to the Brexit movement, Trump’s campaign benefits from anti-immigrant sentiment and anger over the “political elites” and “mainstream media”.

By Dominik Tolksdorf

The 2016 elections in Slovakia: a shock

No parliamentary elections in Slovakia have ever caused so much surprise, consternation and dismay as those held on 5 March 2016. The results can be readily characterised as shocking.

By Grigorij Mesežnikov

Parliamentary elections 2015 in Poland: trends and tactics

Democracy is a system in which political parties lose elections, stated Adam Przeworski. After all, what matters is who failed and why. When analysing the structure of party supporters and the shifts in their preferences, parliamentary elections 2015 can be seen as a reversal of several trends.

By Waldemar Wojtasik Ph.D.