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Publication Series on Europe – Volume 9:

Liberal democracies are under pressure, both worldwide and in Europe. For example, in Hungary and Poland, farright nationalist to nationalistic parties are in government and propagate an ‘illiberal’ democracy. The dismantling of democracy in an EU member state is not a national problem – it is a European one. The study makes clear the dilemma in which the EU finds itself and what possibilities for action are available to it.

Still a Long Breath Needed Towards a Democratic Country

The first parliamentary elections in Armenia after the referendum revealed themselves to be well-administered and respectful of fundamental freedoms. But problems such as vote-buying and interference in the process remain


By Rebecca Wagner
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Democracy - an introduction

Democracy is under pressure today in many parts of the world, even in its ostensible strongholds. While authoritarian developing states have gained momentum, democratic societies in many EU member states are fighting against a resurgence of populism and right-wing extremism.

In order to protect the democratic values of the European Union and strengthen civil society abroad, the hbs European Union is active in many fields. We work towards the successful implementation and development of EU legal provisions to safeguard minority rights and equality, strengthen the role of citizens in political decision-making processes, and push for the promotion of democratic values in EU foreign and neighbourhood policy.

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For Democracy


The present publication “For Democracy” outlines and analyzes the state of democracy worldwide as well as the possibilities of democracy assistance.


Squeezed – Space for Civil Society

The civil society is globally under pressure. In many countries governments are restricting the activities of civil society organisations with targeted measures. In this dossier we deliver analysis and background knowledge, whilst exploring new scopes for action for civil societies.


The Heinrich Böll Foundation (hbs) is a founding member of the European Network of Political Foundations (ENoP), which consists of 51 member foundations and three affiliated entities, coming from 22 countries within the EU. The members are ideologically close to six party families - ALDE, ECR, EPP, Greens/EFA, GUE/NGL, and S&D - represented in the European Parliament and belonging to the democratic spectrum.

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